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Radiocom Electronics Ltd Homepage: Solutions for remote control applications and messaging via paging and GSM networks.

Welcome to the Radiocom Electronics Ltd Homepage.

Radiocom specialises in products and solutions for remote control applications and messaging using existing Paging and GSM mobile phone networks.

We design, manufacture and supply OEM pager modules and have in-depth knowledge of existing Paging Networks which enables us to design custom systems and customised products for a wide variety of applications including remote control, home automation, security, messaging, display boards and advertising.

PDR12 pager module applications: Remote Control, Security Systems, Messaging, Industrial Control Systems. Send text, numbers or data via SMS, email, www, modem, phone or X.25 via the paging network and receive, decode and output it via the RS-232 port to the user device.

PDR12 OEM Pager Module with RS-232 serial port interface:

The PDR12 is a POCSAG compliant VHF radio pager module that outputs paging messages on the built-in RS-232 serial port (CMOS 3.3V levels).

Paging messages can be up to 240 characters long and be either numeric only (digits) or alpha-numeric (text, digits and special characters).

Send mesages or data via SMS from a mobile phone, by email or using the web, directly with a PC and modem or simply by calling an operator... The National Paging Network (UK Coverage) will typically transmit the message within a minute. The PDR12 then receives the message and outputs it via RS-232 either immediately or when the connected host device is ready for it using configurable handshaking.

All pager modules are supplied with a first year support contract and connection to the Vodafone Paging Network. Prices vary depending on mode (numeric or alpha-numeric) and required quantity of messages sent per year (usage bands: <100 / <1000 / >1000).

Calls are charged at the national 'A' rate which is currently 4.2 pence per minute using a standard BT tariff.

For further information go to: PDR12 OEM pager module.

Easy Broadcasting possible to hundreds or even thousands of pagers

Send a single message and receive it on multiple PDR12 pager modules...

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